Vacationing: The Healthy (er) Approach, Fitness Edition

Well, I thought the time would never come … I’m going on vacation! I will be spending my birthday watching U2 play in concert, and then topping it off with 6 more days exploring Philly and NYC! To say I’m excited is definitely an understatement.

That being said, while I know all of us love vacation-time, I do feel that there is always that subtle twinge of anxiety when we start to think about our fitness goals. I, for one, am currently training for a triathlon and I know that taking a week completely cold turkey will not be good. However, I also know that there is absolutely no way that the upcoming week will be a “normal training week” for me. But that’s okay. That’s what vacations are all about: escaping our normal, day-to-day patterns and doing something fun. The key is to find a balance… a compromise so-to-speak.

Personally, my compromise is pretty simple: just try to find a way to keep moving. On my vacation, it will look like this: taking a couple of those days to enjoy running by the waterfront in Philly, and completing a couple quick body-weight workouts outdoors on the days I don’t run.

For others, the compromise may look like walking a couple miles on the beach in the morning, enjoying a scenic hike in the mountains, kayaking through a crystal-clear lake, or even just doing some yoga as you watch the sun rise . Do something active, but make it something you wouldn’t normally do. Make it something you would actually enjoy. Not only will you soak up the experience, but you also won’t hate life / be super out-of-shape when you get back to your normal training / weight-loss regimen. Be sure to PLAN YOUR VACATION ACTIVITIES AHEAD, or I promise they won’t get done!

My Favorite Body-Weight Workout

As I said earlier, I love doing body-weight workouts on vacation. Why? 1) I don’t have access to a gym anyways, 2) I don’t have to leave my lodging (I get lost walking out of a driveway), and 3) Because body-weight workouts can be done ANYWHERE!

Since vacation season is reaching its peak, I thought I’d give you a workout to add to your arsenal. Check out my favorite 30-minute body-weight workout below.

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Travel on, my friends!